Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Morning

Good Morning!

I feel like a real blogger this morning! I'm sitting here at my local coffee shop, sipping a coffee, eating a sammich, browsing blogs & writing...why that makes me feel like a real blogger, I do not know!

Yes, that is real egg (well, Eggbeaters) and real cheese on there. I generally try to avoid these things, but I've had a carb-tastic weekend and my body was screaming for a little protein!

Yesterday started with a delish bowl of oats...I think the fruit combo is just what works for me!

Oats, cinnamon, bloobs & banana - this time the bunny did not get a bite!

After breakfast, I walked about a mile to my friend's house to pick up my bike and then ran some errands which included sending off some goodies to these two wonderful ladies - Couch Potato Athlete & One Fit Foodie

I then had to jet off to a hair appointment...I scheduled it right for lunch time, but it was too soon to eat so I did a bad thing! I stopped at the Starbucks next door and picked up a few things to save for when hunger did strike...cuz if you know me, it WILL strike!

I headed over to another friend's house and decided to take a nice little walk with this guy:

He isn't mine, but I consider myself his mom :) He is my other's just a shame that he and Boo Boo (the bunny) can never be friends! He is a 2 year old Staffy and he is a maniac! Apparently, I was making him walk farther than he was prepared for because there were many stops like this one in the shade!

After we got back from our walk, my friend and I headed over to a street festival in his neighborhood. If you've ever been to Chicago in the summer, you know there is always a street festival somewhere! I had a delicious vegetarian southwestern wrap and forgot to snap a pic! I guess all the people, beer and live music distracted me!

We walked through the fest and came upon this bad cute! My friend is going to kill me if he ever finds out he made an appearance on here...

When I was in Italy, my uncle drove something fairly close to this size. It must have been a little bigger because this one was only a uncle's did have a very tiny backseat. I just remember with 3 of us piled in and driving up some hill, we literally were holding up all the traffic and people were honking and going crazy! My uncle (actually great-uncle...Zio if you want to get Italian on it!) was an older man and in typical older man fashion, he didn't give a damn!

A-ha! I have located a picture of it! It was a Fiat 500...but we knew it as a Cinquecento which is how you say 500 in Italian.

I guess you really need a regular sized car next to it to get an's a lot like a Mini-Cooper.

So, after walking a lot today and biking a lot today, I wasn't really feeling like working out. Then I remembered that these next 60 days have to be awesome! It was almost 9:30pm, but I popped that DVD in and rocked it!

I have a feeling today will be a lazy day. It looks like it may downpour any minute. Movie day it is!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Staffy is adorable!!!

    Thanks again for sending me samples, I can't wait to try them out!

  2. Thanks, Nicole for writing on my blog. I think your thoughts are precisely what I should be doing, but trying to implement it is the struggle. I will get there; especially from all the readers, like you, who are trying to encourage me.

  3. Oh those cars are so cute! My dad used to have a Fiat!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. I wanted to let you know that the Terra carrot chips are really good. I honestly can't tell the difference b/w the sweet potatoes and the carrots! They are both delicious :)