Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Motivation Thief:

I realize it's been quite some time since you stole my motivation...going on a year, no doubt. And I realize that I didn't really put up much of a stink when it happened. In reality, I was probably just the tiniest bit glad to get that old monkey off my back for awhile. But, I do believe that's its been long enough. I'm gonna need you to go ahead and bring my motivation home now. I need it. Badly.

Diet Alone Ain't Cuttin' It

Okay, seriously, what is going on with the no exercise? No matter how great my intentions are during the day, when it comes down to finally getting ready to go do the damn thing, I chicken out! I did GREAT with my eating last week and it paid off in the loss of another pound. This week, still good, but not good enough. I've been getting anywhere from 1600 - 1800 a day this week and unfortunately for my metabolism, that isn't going to do any good :( I really need to keep it at 1200 - 1400 to lose any weight. Bummer!

I think I'm mostly disappointed in myself because the past 3 summers I've sworn to myself that I was gonna be bathing suit ready BEFORE summer hit and now I'm staring at the back end of June in no better place than I was 3 months ago! Grrrr...I need a swift kick in the behind!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

Wow...has it really been that long since my last blog? So sad!!

To bring things up to speed, I'm doing a challenge over at the Sisterhood and I'm on Team Silver! I totally bombed last week (Week 1) and GAINED a pound. Everyone else on the team lost...I think. Boo on me! BUT! This week, I've redeemed myself! I lost 2 pounds! That only makes me down one pound overall, but hell, its going in the right direction!

My "healthy friend" has turned into a bad influence lately, but is going on a trip overseas for a few weeks so I'll be left to my own devices which should only help things. Plus, I'll be dog-sitting again and if its anything like last time, I'll be constantly on the move and not able to sit around snacking my tush off. My goal between now and when he gets back is to lose 5 pounds. I can do this!