Saturday, August 7, 2010

30 days!

Good Saturday Morning to you!

Thursday marked Day 30 of the Power 90 program so yesterday I hopped on the scale for the official weigh in and took my measurements. Here is how things shook out:

Weight: lost 3.5lbs
Body Fat: lost 1%
Waist: lost 1.5 inches
Hips: lost 1 inch
Right Arm: lost .25 inches
Left Arm: no change
Right Thigh: lost .5 inches
Left Thigh: no change

I'm happy with the results, but then again, I'm not really happy with the results. I remember a time where I could have dropped twice that amount of weight in half the time. As I've gotten older, my body has become increasingly stubborn about letting weight go...however, it has no problem adding a few!

So, to know that I went from hardly working out at all and eating lunch and dinner out at least 5 or 6 times a week to working out 6 days a week and being much better about food...only 3.5 pounds seems a bit of a let down.

It is moving in the right direction though and I will try to concentrate on that positive note. Plus, now that I'm in the 3-4 phase of the program, the next 30 will hopefully see a bigger change.

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I'm going to Egypt for a couple of weeks in October. This 90 days just barely squeezes in and I started when I did because I don't want to hate what I look like in the pictures of the trip. I have to make these next 60 days the best I can!!

On a different topic, we had a big announcement at work this week. My boss, who has been a good friend and the only boss I've had through my 6 and a half years at this company despite being lucky enough to have several promotions over that period of time, has decided to take a regional position and I won't be reporting to her anymore :( Now, I will be reporting directly to our President. He used to be our VP of Finance when I was still in our accounting division so I've worked very closely with him in the past and we have a great relationship...but now he's my boss?

I just can't wrap my head around it, ya know? I know my current boss inside and out. I know what I can get away with and what I'm going to need to explain. I know how she works. This is going to be a huge adjustment for me. Next week is my first "check in" meeting with we'll see!

Another note about work...we had a potluck yesterday! I did pretty good at portion control, just took small amounts of things that I wanted to try, but I'll be honest and say I definitely at too many sweets! My workout last night suffered...I could tell I wasn't properly fueled. The craziest part is that...TMI coming body basically knew it was full of crappy food. First thing this morning, it let me know it was time to get it out. Let me tell you, I don't generally have that fast of a turn around :)

But, that made me feel like things are on the right track. I used to eat crap all the time and my body didn't care. Now, it's trying to get rid of it asap. That is kind of amazing to me. And it reminds me that I'm doing something right!

Sorry for the lack of photos, this week kind of got away from me and I've barely had time to get anything "extra" in! I hope you all enjoy the great weather this weekend!!

Food for thought:

Have you had to change bosses within the same company? What was your experience?

Is your body good at telling you when you've eaten something you shouldn't have or do you have a stomach of steel?


  1. Don't be too worried about the slower changes. It could just be a slow adjustment period for you. Maybe the next phase will pick up. And the numbers are going down, so it's still progress.

    I have had several boss changes. I have found it's always more scary than it ends up being and I always ended up liking the new person. Just an adjustment to new expectations.

    My body tells me all the time if I have been doing something wrong but I can't absorb fructose. So, whenever I have too much junk it lets me know fast. Also, the fatty things don't taste as good anymore. So, that's a good thing, but a change.

  2. good luck with your new boss! I'm sure it will take some time to figure out their management style.. but in time things will be back to normal (hopefully!)

    my stomach is pretty good at telling me what not to eat.. it just comes down to if i can say NO to eating certain things, which is not the case many times lol. Mind over matter!

  3. Girl , remember, nothing happens over night, and you are making progress!! Focus on the positive, you are doing great, and glad you said you are going to keep positive and keep it up!

    Egypt in October, that will be so cool!!!!!!!! Wow never been there and I cant wait to hear about your trip when you go!

    The work news is great! Im sure you will do wonderful getting used to a new person to report to, and you guys will get into a routine!

    Love that you like putting furniture together,lol! I do not like it at all! I thinkit rocks your handy like that!

    Have a great Sunday! xoxo

  4. Good luck with your new boss. Change can be a good thing! Take it a day at a time.

    I think your results were great -- and you still have time before your trip. :)