Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh, goodness...

2 months have gone by?! Not good!

Life (work!) got busy...then I left the country...then I came back a different person with different priorities...and that all meant that the bloggie got tossed aside.

As crazy as it sounds, I really did return from Egypt a different person than when I left. Hopefully, a BETTER person! It opened my eyes to so many realities we never have to face here in the states and it made me realize that a lot of the things we think are so important really just aren't. At least not in the grand scheme of things.

So...what does this all mean? Well, I don't know! Okay, I kind of know a little, but I'm not all together 100% positive and that is the fun of it. The blog will probably be taking a turn. I still care about my health and I still would love to lose that last 10 pounds, but I also know that I'm not like a lot of the food/health bloggers out there that I was trying so hard to be like. The truth is, I actually like peanut butter better than almond butter. Sue me! And I wish that I could put all kinds of organic/sprouted/non-processed things into my diet every day, but I'm too lazy/a bad cook/not able to get to the store that often/chocoholic to make that a reality. Therefore, I've decided to take off the mask and just be me. That means I will probably eat Subway a lot. And yeah, I usually get the 2 cookies with the meal AND a diet soda. Again, that's just me!

I still want to show people how I can be healthy, but I also know that the lifestyle I see on a lot of blogs is not mine and I shouldn't try to make it be. I'm going to do the best that I can and cross my fingers. I hope to get a good blog together this weekend about my trip and how totally amazing it was and how it opened my eyes to so much more and completely changed my future focus. From there on out, your guess is as good as mine, but I hope you stick with me!!