Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Month Later...

Here we go again! Take 10!

Well, for starters, the lease on my car was up Monday and I decided to give it back to the dealership and be automobile free...this will result in a whole lot more walkin' for this lady! I'm back to working on 5 smaller meals a day so I don't go crazy at one meal and find myself at the end of the day with dinner still to go and already past my calorie budget. Today has been great:

Meal 1:
Decaf Iced Grande Mocha (okay, this isn't a meal, but bare with me)
Meal 2:
Greek Yogurt mixed with Cinnamon Pecan Special K...yummy!
Meal 3:
Subway 6" veggie on wheat w/ lite mayo
Meal 4:
Baked Lays & banana

No idea yet what I'm going to have for dinner, but so far I've been very satisfied and not hungry. I have to go walk the dog, hit the grocery store, then walk home. Lots more exercise to come this evening, whether I like it or not!