Monday, August 9, 2010

Manic Monday!

5:45am - Wake up call from a friend so I can attempt a morning workout

6:05am - Friend insists I meet him at the coffee shop to ensure I'm actually up...sit outside and drink coffee until 6:40am.

6:45am - Go back to my house and promptly fall back to sleep :)

7:30am - Get up and get ready for work

9:30am - Breakfast: my last biscotti :(

10:15am - First Meeting of the day

11:30am - Second Meeting

12:30pm - Lunch: a HUGE cookie. I am not proud.

1:00pm - Third Meeting

2:00pm - Fourth Meeting

3:00pm - read blogs & play on facebook

4:00pm - Snacks

5:30pm - Finally heading home

7:00pm - Rocked the double workout: Power 90 Sculpt 1-2 & Sweat 3-4

8:15pm - Dinner: TJs throw down!

8:30pm - shower!!

9:00pm - Beach Body Team Call

10:00pm - BLOG!

Good night!

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  1. Would love to have you join for my Try It Tuesday post..please share with your blog readers as well. You can get the link for it and the button on my page on the right hand side! Thanks so helping me make this a success :)