Sunday, July 18, 2010


I decided to up the weight on some of the exercises today and boy did I feel it!! Shoulders - on fire! Triceps - can't even feel 'em! I cannot wait for the 30 day mark so I can take measurements and see what is changing! For some reason in my workout today (mind you it was the weight lifting one, not the cardio) I was dripping sweat! It was crazy!! I was hoping to get away without a shower tonight, but I guess that option is off the table...


On a different note, the temps are still ridiculous today! We had a brief thunderstorm early this afternoon so now the humidity is off the charts. Needless to say, I've been indoors nearly all day...actually, I don't think the walk to the coffee shop around the corner even counts, does it? I really need to get to Target today to buy some heavier hand weights and to the pet store for some hay for this little lady:

But I just don't see that happening right now! Maybe when the sun goes down.

I've eaten pretty well today, although it's not over yet! I just made myself a post-workout smoothie since I just ordered Shakeology and need to use up my smoothie ingredients. I'm all out of spinach (I usually throw a handful in) so it was all fruit today...banana, strawberries & mango. I scoop of protein power rounded it out. Yummy!

I guess I should head to the shower...hope everyone had a great weekend!

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