Monday, July 19, 2010


No! Seriously, everyday I vow that I'm going to remember to take pictures throughout the day to put on the blog and yet here I sit, no pictures. Gah! Words it is!

First off, I just need to get an incident from this morning that left me a little unsettled off my chest. I'm walking to the bus, like I do every morning, and this kid flies by me on his bike. He couldn't have been more than 10 years old. No biggie, right? Except I could SWEAR this kid was wearing cologne! Really? Cologne? At 10?! Very disturbing...or creepy.

I'll be honest and tell you that today's nutrition did not start off on the right foot. No breakfast. Medium Mocha. And then 1/3 of a bag of the snack size Cheetos jumped out of my desk drawer and made me eat them. I didn't want to, I swear!

I managed to redeem myself as the day went on with healthy choices that included my usual post-workout smoothie and my yummy Thai Cucumber Salad.

Finished Week 2 of Power 90 today! So, I'm 13 days into 90...yikes. That doesn't sound nearly as good! At least I can take comfort in tomorrow being a rest day...not to mention that I was only 5 reps away from hitting all 100 ab reps today! I think next time I will hit it for sure! That will be my first real benchmark. If I could only just get those push ups figured out!


  1. I just thought of something. Maybe it wasn't cologne. Maybe it was scented deodorant. Little kids are stinky. Maybe he just was sporting some cool deodorant. :)

  2. Traci - good thinking! I hope that was the case ;)

  3. My son is 11 and he wear Axe deodorant which is SUPER strong.

  4. Dang those tasty Cheetos!! :)
    My daughter is 12 and she talks about how some boys put WAY TO MUCH cologne on after gym class...

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.