Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breaking News!!

As I've kinda, sorta mentioned on here, I'm a coach for Beach Body. Well, I was on our National Call this morning (okay, it was the recorded one from yesterday, but I can't get on live because it's during my regular work hours!) and they made a HUGE announcement! They are starting a new program to encourage people to buy their fitness programs from a coach! Not only is it awesome that this company supports us coaches by giving us tools, training & inspiration every day, but now they are actually encouraging people to by from us rather than directly from their infomercials! That truly means a lot to me and shows me exactly what kind of company this is!

It is called the Buy From a Coach Advantage Program and it is kicking off with Insanity. So, when you buy Insanity from a coach right now, you get a BONUS workout from Shaun T. called Fast & Furious. Talk about awesome!

Now, tell me you aren't ready to let THAT kick your butt all over the place!! So, if you are ready to try Insanity AND get an awesome BONUS workout, click here! Just hit "Shop Team Beach Body" and you are good to go! If you know anyone who has been thinking about buying Insanity and doesn't already have a coach, pass the link on!!

Oh yeah, they said they will be rolling this out with more programs too...so I'll keep you posted if Insanity isn't for you!


  1. What an awesome bonus!!!! I have been thinking about buying this workout program once I get settled in our new home!

    Oh housewives of NJ is so addicting! Best show ever!!!!!

  2. Thats great for the customer and for you too!