Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are You a Breakfast Eater?

Why, hello there!

After reading all your blogs about the millions of great ways to make oatmeal and seeing all the delicious pictures, I decided this morning I was going to make it! And make it I did...

It was very simple. Threw in some ground flax seeds, lots of cinnamon, some Splenda (shoot me!) and then a big ol' glop of peanut butter! Very, very yummers. However, after consuming this bowl of yum, I noticed that my belly was feeling a bit stuffed. See, usually I just grab a mocha at my local coffee shop and head to work. Every now and then I'll have a bowl of cereal or something, but my oatmeal is usually saved for a "later in the day" type of meal.

After bringing up Intuitive Eating yesterday, this got me to thinking. Did I eat it just because they say you should never skip breakfast? Even though I'm usually not hungry in the morning? Should I or should I not be eating it if I'm not hungry? I think this is one of those topics in the health world that will forever be up for debate. So, do YOU eat breakfast? Do YOU believe it is the most important meal of the day? Should you eat it even if you don't feel like it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

I packed the rest of my food for the day and it looked something like this:

a simple wrap with hummus & veggies


Then later this afternoon I broke out the good stuff:

Love summer fruit!! I left work and headed home knowing I'd probably have to eat before my workout. Decided to give myself a mini carb load with some pasta. I threw in some shredded soy cheese, hoping it would make it a little creamy, but it just stuck to the bottom of the pan! Lesson learned!

whole wheat pasta w/ pesto & grape tomatoes

Saved half for lunch tomorrow...can't wait! I should confess...there was a little of this going on while I was waiting for the water to boil...

Oops! But, I made up for my little indiscretion by moving up into the Phase 2 set of my workout video! Talk about a butt kicking! It was all the same routines as Phase 1, just faster and with an extra circuit of each set of moves. Holy sweat-fest! Oh, but it felt good!!!! Don't you just love when you push yourself for all you've got, nothing left on the floor except a puddle and a smile! Loved it!

I wasn't kidding!

Well, I think that's all I've got for ya today! The shower is calling my name...

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Hop over there and leave a comment!! See you kiddos tomorrow!


  1. I always, always, always eat breakfast. I know that you shouldn't eat when hungry, but your metabolism needs the kickstart of calories in the morning in order to get going and burn all day long.

    If you like oatmeal, try Steel Cut Oats the fast and easy way. Boil 3-4 cups of water (depending on how thick you like your oatmeal) and add one cup of Steel Cut Oats. Remove pan from water and cover with a lid. Leave it overnight and the next morning, bring to a simmer over medium-low heat and cook for 10-12 minutes. 3/4 of a cup cooked is only 150 calories!

  2. I always eat breakfast, mostly because I am so hungry in the morning! I usually have a smoothie M-F and on the weekends I'll eat eggs or oatmeal.

  3. New Follower! Love the blog! You can follow back at mrstashalynn.blogspot.com

  4. I've never eaten breakfast as regularly as I do now, and what a difference!

    I am challenged by pasta - well, multi-grain pasta. First, I'm not much of a pasta eater, but at times I do enjoy eating a pasta dish whether it is a salad or baked or tossed in marinara sauce. However, multi-grained pasta, I can't seem to find a recipe that is yummy.

  5. I know I should eat breakfast but I'm never really hungry in the morning. Maybe if I cut myself off from food earlier in the evening I might be hungry for the am. I try to eat something small for breakfast, usually some fruit or I juice up some veggies.

  6. I eat breakfast every morning , even if my hunger is not there, because as soon as lunch time rolls Im hungry, so I know that my metabolism got that good start to the day by eating even if I wasnt hungry!

    Love your egg combo you mentioned on my blog and kudos to you for almost being dairy free, that would be so hard for me!

    Have a great night girl!

  7. Just discovered your blog! :D

    I'm not a huge breakfast eater-- I'm not that hungry in the morning, so I usually stick to some green juice until around noon. Every now and then I will wake up hungry, and then I'll have something heavier like a smoothie or oatmeal.

    I think the "breakfast debate" will always be out there-- personally, I don't think it's the most important meal of the day! I think it's nice to give your body a digestive rest until it's ready for food! And I try to make every meal that I eat important, loaded with lots of healthy stuff! ;)

  8. umm yeah I have breakfast it is my favorite meal!! i just posted about this too!! what workout are you doing taht you moved up in phases?!?! and YES I love pushing myself...always!