Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's Your Workout?

Why, hello there! I've missed you!

I was feeling under the weather yesterday and only went into work for a 1/2 day. I didn't work my biz at all AND I didn't do a blog post. It was an all-around-no-good-day! Last night, in order to try to rouse myself to some degree I did head over to a friend's house to watch Book of Eli. Have you seen it? What did you think? I thought it was pretty good, I just wish there had been a little more insight into how the world got the way it was. It was kind of like the first 30 minutes of the movie were missing, ya know?

Anywho, today was back to (mostly) normal! My stomach seemed to be a little touchy so I didn't really eat anything noteworthy. I will try to spice it up for ya tomorrow!

Which, speaking of, I've been sort of pondering a way to bring a little structure to this here blog and came up with an idea that I'm pretty excited about! I may have mentioned that I'm a disaster on the stovetop. Cooking freaks me out and I'm not good at it. Recently, a few decent friends have been "supervising" me while I cook and I'm finding it slightly less daunting than normal. I think I may be ready to strike out on my own! So, I was thinking of devoting a day a week to trying a new recipe...and what better way to keep it all in the blog family, but to use one of YOURS! Everyone always makes delicious meals that I want to try, so why not? You'd get all the credit, of course! So, if you have any good starter ideas, shoot 'em at me!

And speaking of food...I just learned something really awesome today. Have I mentioned I'm a vegetarian (for about 4 years) and that I'm about 85-90% dairy-free? It is something that is really important to me, although don't freak out...I'm not preachy about it and I won't give you carnivores a hard time ;) Well, today I was on a Beach Body live webinar with Tony Horton (love this guy! Seriously! And yes, he's really that silly!)...

Bring It!

...and he's talking all about how important being fit is to him and how as he gets older he keeps finding ways to improve it. He totally shocked the heck out of me when he then told us that he is currently doing a VEGAN cleanse and he's on Day 40! First off, this is awesome cuz have you seen this man's body? I know some vegans who think they can't be toned and athletic...well, consider that argument out the window! Second, Tony isn't just doing regular workouts right now, but is currently creating and filming the P90X One on One videos! So, it's not like he's doing this cleanse while taking some sort of fitness! He's working it out like never before. I think he is my hero...

Okay, maybe he's a little more than my hero...I think there might be a little crushin' going on over here! And on that note, I vow not to bring up the business anymore this week because that really isn't want this blog is about. There has just been a lot going on with it lately and I can't help but spread the awesome news.

Now, what's your workout? I started as a runner. I ran in high school. I ran in college. I've trained for half marathons and marathons. There have been periods where I've been the girl who spent every night in the gym lifting. And now I'm a girl that appreciates getting to sweat my butt off in the privacy of my own living room! Besides good ol' Billy Blanks, I've never really put much into workout DVDs. Until now, that is. I'm totally loving that as soon as the urge hits me, I can get up and go. And the shower is only 10 feet away when I'm done!

What type of workout do you prefer? Why? Do you like working out with a room full of people? A partner? Perhaps your sweet little bun?

Do you enjoy the privacy of your own home or a less traveled running path? What motivates you to get out there and Bring It?

I really enjoyed hearing all your opinions about breakfast. I think what I need to do is make sure I'm fueling up in the morning, but keep it light if I'm not feeling all that hungry. A piece of fruit...a soy yogurt...some Cap'n Crunch...You know, the good stuff :)


  1. thanks for finding my blog! i love being outside to workout. i much prefer breathing in the fresh air versus a stuffy gym. have a great day!

  2. Hey, girl!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    First off, I think it's amazing you are going 85% dairy-free...I never thought to look at it like that, but that's EXACTLY what I have done! Dairy is so harsh on our bods......milk does not do a body good!

    There are SO many vegan athletes, Brendan Brazier, Mac Danzing (Ultimate cage fighter, than won his season!), Rip Esselstyn! Plants make you strong!!!

    Have a great day!

  3. I definitely prefer to workout in the privacy of my basement! :-)