Monday, October 26, 2009

BFL - Week 2

Apparently, I like readying blogs a whole lot more than I like writing them! Sorry 'bout that!

Week 1 of the Body for Life Challenge went perfect! There was no cheating, even while attending a party with lots of yummies and spending an evening out. I had to plan ahead a lot and make sure I brought whatever I needed to get me through. The key to getting my workouts in is to do them on my lunch. That means no having to wake up early...I hate mornings!...and no having to worry about fighting with yourself after work when you feel too tired. I can't believe that I never did this before! And the best part is that the gym at the office is really small and if you go during peak times you would never be able to have access to the equipment you need, when you need it, but when I go around 10:30am it is completely empty except for maybe one other person. Perfection!

The scale said I've only dropped a pound for the week, but with Aunt Flo arriving yesterday, I'd say that is great! Plus, I know this is a process that my body is still adjusting to. Can't wait to see how things look after 2 weeks...but let me not get ahead of myself here! This is not easy and it takes a lot of effort. I will keep focused on each day. One day at a time, folks!

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