Monday, May 11, 2009

Packing a Lunch

I got up this morning and was so excited to actually pack my lunch for the first time in WEEKS! Yes, I've been eating out (Subway most days) for lunch every day and many times for dinner too! That's what happens when you are too lazy to get your tush to the grocery store. This weekend I made it though and the lunch was packed. Banana for morning snack, Lean Cuisine (hey, that's how I roll!) for lunch with a little side of broccoli and a granola bar for afternoon snack. I ate my lunch an hour ago and I'm still STUFFED!

Over at the Sisterhood they are doing the 30-day shred again and this time, I'm gonna make it to the end! I did the Breast Cancer Network of Strength Walk to Empower yesterday and I was disgusted with how tired just walking 3 miles made me! It was a shame! A year ago I was running over 10 miles at this time! It was an excellent wake up call though and the Shred challenge couldn't come at a better time. It's on!!

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