Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, AGAIN!

Here I am again...on Monday...starting the 30 day Shred! Please, please, PLEASE, King of colds, flu and other ailments, do NOT let me come down with anything else!

I tried to eat well over the weekend. Not so easily done when you are in the house the whole time, but I was still being very cautious with my health! In cleaning up the kitchen I came across a few items that really needed to be used before they went bad and decided to make Carrotcake Cupcakes and macaroons. I know, bad idea. But in my defense, I used to LOVE baking until my roommate moved across the country and I decided to live solo. There is no trust in this relationship to leave dozens of baked goods around and think I won't down half of them. Thus, the baking is near non-existent these days. Quite sad really because I really do love it. Anywho, I was a bit out of practice because I totally screwed up the cream cheese frosting not once, but twice AND I managed to drop my last egg on the floor and was one egg white short for the macaroons. Hey, that didn't stop me though, they were just a little dry! After tonight's Shred, I'll have earned a cupcake for sure! Well, maybe just half!

Just wanted to mention that Jen over at PriorFatGirl found this great website that allows you to mix your own granola! Oh how yummy does that sound?! All different kinds of fruits, nuts, seeds and other goodies! We all know that granola can be dangerous. Who really eats just a 1/4 cup of the stuff? But if you are looking for a splurge that you don't have to feel TOO guilty about, head over to and check it out!

That's all, folks! Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a report on the Shred!

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