Thursday, April 9, 2009

No Shred, Strep Instead :(

Yes, unfortunately, as ready as I was to start my 30 Day Shred on Monday, I also began to feel some scratchies in my throat. Being that my awful cold from last month started like that, I decided to put it off a day in an attempt to rest up and thwart a Part II. Unfortunately, Tuesday I woke up feeling horrible and pretty much slept the entire day, couldn't eat anything, had a spiking fever...not a good scenario. Wednesday started no better and I gave in and called the Doctor. Luckily I got in that afternoon and it was confirmed that I have strep throat. Boooooo!

She told me that I'd still be very contagious for 24 hours after starting the anti-biotics so I'm home from work yet again today! I'm pretty much going stir crazy at this point since I feel too guilty about potentially infecting the innocent by leaving the house :) My throat still feels pretty awful and I have a non-stop headache, but overall things are looking up. The nausea is gone...yes, strep throat can cause nausea, crazy, right?...and my fever finally seems to be gone for good.

I will probably put off starting the Shred Challenge until Monday so that my body can continue to heal. I'll just be a week behind, but my body will surely thank me! So, there is the scoop! I hope everyone else is surviving the Shred!

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  1. Heal up girlie so you can get your butt shredding next week! ;o) Have a good weekend!