Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy, busy!! And Fire 55 EZ Review

I'm sure I have not mentioned it on here, but I work in Financial Aid for a college and we have our Fall semester starting next week...that means things are CRAZY at work!! I haven't even had time to read blogs, let alone write one! Augh!

But here I am! Writing at work...Shhhhhhh!

My eats have been fairly simple over the past couple of days now that I'm really watching my calorie intake. Breakfast looks something like this:

WF High Fiber cereal & Cinnamon Puffins w/ almond milk

Light english muffin w/ Dark Chocolate Dreams & banana

Let me be honest here with the Dark Chocolate Dreams...I don't taste any chocolate :( It still tastes like peanut butter, just maybe a little sweeter. I'm a bit disappointed.

One thing my mornings have not included is one of these:

That's right, people, I'm trying to quit that darn White Chocolate mocha I adore so much every morning. I've been making good ol' coffeepot coffee at work! So not as yummy, but much cheaper and far fewer calories...despite the fact that I use half the can of powder creamer :)

I did however sneak into the Starbucks this morning and saw this:

The Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese muffin is finally back in season! Even though this was absolutely NOT on today's food plan, I HAD to have it! Just HAD TO!

And do you know what happened when I took that glorious first bite? It tasted like poo! I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that SB has tried to make their treats a little healthier. It didn't taste anything like it did last year. The cream cheese especially Texture and taste were all wrong. The upside to this is that I won't have to worry about fighting the urge! I don't even want to think about how many of these babies I ate last fall!

Lunch has been Subway so far. Veggie sandwich on wheat. Nothing exciting, but a safe option.

For Dinner, I made some Chana Masala (I hope I got that right, I didn't write down what it was exactly) and Indian rice from Trader Joe's and have been eating portions of that. It is really good. The rice has apples & raisens in it so it has that nice mix of sweet and spicy. Although, my house has been stinking like curry for two days ;)

My eats will probably be a bit on the boring side for apologies!

As I mentioned before, I am full speed ahead on my TurboFire! Modifying it a little, but loving every minute of it! Today, I'm going to review the Fire 55 EZ workout.

TurboFire - Fire 55 EZ

This is a 55+ minute cardio workout in the TurboFire program. You will usually find it squeezed into the program about once a week if you are following the Class Schedule.

Most of the cardio DVDs have a warm-up, multiple cardio sequences, Fire Drills (HIIT), a Finale and a cool-down. This one is no exception. Don't let the "EZ" fool you, this workout is no joke! It is long, which means LOTS of calories burned and you can make it as high intensity as you want to. I think the EZ is referring to the difficulty level of the moves. I find the sequence of moves in this to be easier than the non-EZ classes.

After the warm-up, you go into a couple of cardio sequences that last about 15 minutes. They involve a lot of punching, some kicking, some floor movement and even a little plyo. Then comes your first firedrill. These are High Intensity Intervals that last 1 minute. You are supposed to go all out and give it everything you've got! Then, you cooldown for 1 minute. Next, you go into more cardio, new moves though...another firedrill...then the final cardio sequence. After the final cardio set, you go into the finale. For this DVD, there are 2 finales...I know, that makes no sense. The finales really only differ from the cardio segments in that they are a shorter sequence of moves and they seem to be a little higher intensity. So, short and sweet! You end the workout with a cool-down. I usually burn anywhere from 600-650 calories doing this workout...pretty awesome!

I know it sounds like 55 minutes is a long time, but it really does fly by! The moves keep your attention and you have fun doing it. When you get to some of the harder moves, you will find that by the time you've mastered them, it's time to move on! For the duration and the amount of calories I can burn, this is one of my favorite workouts in the program!

If you want to learn more about TurboFire, check out my site!

Keep rockin' on, peeps! I will try to get back in the swing of things if the week slows down and catch up on all your blogs!!


  1. Hey Nicole, I can see how working in Financial Aid would be super busy -- I'm glad you got some time to blog.

    I love TurboFire and you are so right, the 55 min really blows by really quickly. I think it is broken down into segments/diff songs that really make it a fun workout.

  2. Don't get caught bloggin ;-)

    I have to try Turbo fire one of these days!! Thanks for the review!!

  3. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. i tried turbo a few times at my gym and loved it. i think more than the workout, i really enjoyed watching everyone get into their workouts. some of the ladies got super intense which made me laugh. have a good day!

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