Saturday, August 28, 2010

Turning Point

Hello and happy Saturday to you!!

I'm having a completely lazy day so about you? I had all kinds of things on my agenda and after getting off to a great start, I somehow fell apart! I was up early to take the bunny to the vet for a routine nail trim. It is usually best to get there right when they open because other animals freak her out and its usually pretty quiet first thing on a Saturday. There was another girl there who came in with a baby bunny! It was a chocolate brown and could fit in your palm, just like Boo Boo was when I got her! It was so freakin' cute!!! Believe me, I thought about grabbing it and making a run for it ;)

Once we got home from the vet, I kind of just crashed!

After sitting here and being annoyed at my laziness, I made a decision. The whole basis of this blog is supposed to be about me trying to get away from diet and exercise extremes and find a happy medium that will keep me healthy. Somehow, I feel like I'm not really having much success.

The route I took on it was no limitations. Learn to make healthy choices, without having a set of rules to freak me out. Unfortunately, I don't think that freedom has been working for me. So, despite the fact that I hate dieting and obsessing about food, I think I need to lay down the law for myself!

I'm going to take a new route. I'm going to go from strict to middle of the road, instead of complete freedom to middle of the road. Does that make sense? I hope so!

So, now that I have my TurboFire (which isn't going to do me any good if I pig out everyday!) I am going to really plan my meals for the next few weeks. I'm hoping that will jump start some progress and then I can start to ease up the restrictions from there.

My fingers are crossed!

On a different note, did anyone see the article this morning about how Angelina Jolie blames being vegan for "nearly killing her"? I was so upset at reading that!! Being vegan did not almost kill her, her lack of knowledge on how to be vegan in a healthy manner almost did. There is no excuse for someone of her wealth to not be able to educate herself in how to follow a vegan diet properly or at the very least, hire someone to do it for her! :) I really hope there is a backlash against what she said because it completely delivers the wrong message!

And now, I will step off my soapbox!

I hope the weather is beautiful where ever you are and enjoy the weekend!

Food for Thought: Do you have to plan your meals or are you pretty good at making healthy choices on the fly?


  1. I plan my meals out. I grocery shop for 2 weeks at a time with the exception of a few things on the "off" week. I plan out our dinners for the full 2 weeks. As far as the rest of my day, I usually plan 1-2 days in advance with what I got at the grocery store. If I don't plan, my choices are not as good as I want them to be and I tend to come in way LOWER on calories than I am aiming for.

    It really, really helps me to plan my meals out. I feel better when I do and don't get stressed out about what to eat.

  2. Nicole, good for you for realizing that you need a plan. I have never done well without a plan. And the weeks that I don't figure out my meals ahead of time, I usually gain. I'm still learning how to "eat intuitively" and "eat mindfully" so for now I "schedule" my meals and snacks. On thr brightside, it makes grocery shopping easier, since I only buy what I "need".

  3. I like the plan...and avoiding extremes!!!

    I missed Angelina article...ugh...that's just great, another reason to be on team Aniston, lol. I have to read what she said before I can comment about it, but all I can say off hand is if she wasn't eating enough...which she looks like may of been the case, along with her work schedule, and pretending like she doesn't have nannys take care of her 10 children may have something to do with exhaustion, not eating properly, etc.