Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Motivating Factors


I just now finished my workout (late, I know!) so I'm a little energized! Tonight was the cardio and I worked up a serious sweat. I just realized that Thursday will be Day 30 of Power 90 and I have to officially record my weight and measurements. Yikes!

Until I realized that, I was about to skip out on tonight's workout. Then, the thought of only having 3 days to make a difference made me break out the sports bra and get to it!

Tonight, the 30 day mark motivated me. Recently, a new long-term motivating factor wormed it's way into my life...an unofficial college reunion!

The last football game of the season is usually against our in-state rival...it's called the Civil War! So, it started off as a few of the guys deciding that they would all meet up at the game...then some of us girls started tossing the idea around...next thing I know, my flight is booked and everyone under the sun is sending texts and facebook messages about who's going! What I thought was going to be a few of the old gang is now the gang and everyone who ever kicked it with us for a night or two.

This group includes a couple of ex-boyfriends, possibly some rival girls and who knows what other surprises? So, now, I feel like I have to look great for this trip. Is it wrong to let something so vain be a motivating factor? I just want to look as good as I did back then!

And speaking of looking good, this girl's post today echoed exactly what I've been thinking lately...I don't just want to get back in shape...I want to get in GREAT shape! The BEST shape! It's a motivating read, check it out.

As for the eats? I tried to make an exciting oatmeal this morning, but somehow, it just didn't wow me. With chocolate, almond butter & banana, I thought I couldn't go wrong...oh well.

Then, I made a move toward giving up coffee...I skipped my mocha! Instead, I made regular ol' coffee in the pot when I got to work...as someone suggested, it starts with changing your routine. So, that's what I did!

Lunch was a simple wrap and some peas. I have a colored bowl system at work. The red bowl is for savory things:

And my blue bowl is for sweet things:

I got this delish afternoon snack idea from this lady. It was the perfect guilt-free treat sprinkled with a little sweetener & cinnamon! Zapped it in the microwave for about a minute in a half...YUM!

Tonight I tried my bean & pasta salad and even with a little more EVOO, it was a little dry...back to the drawing board!

After dinner...WAY after dinner...came my workout and afterward, I tried the P90X Recovery drink for the first time. My muscles were still tired from the bike ride (if you can believe that?!) so I figured it might help. It tasted absolutely fantabulous! Like an orange creamsicle! And look at the foamy top!

It will be interesting to see if I feel any more "recovered" tomorrow :)

So, that was my day...wish I could go to bed soon...but as I said, I'm wired!

Food For Thought: What motivates you? External things? Internal things?


  1. What motivates me? Definitely a mix of internal and external things. The results I have gotten so far make me want to keep going with TurboFire. The compliments from my husband def make me want to keep going, to keep exercising, to keep eating well. But it is also on the inside -- the good feelings, the positive energy I get from taking care of myself just feeds into my desire to keep doing what I'm doing!

  2. i wanna get in the best shape too! this post is definitely what i needed to strap on my running shoes right now.

    Reading other ppls blogs really get me motivated.. and when i feel really blah after a weekend of eating junk that does it too! lol have an awesome night!