Friday, July 16, 2010

Power 90

That's right, I'm doing Power 90. Is that P90X, you ask? No, no it's not. P90X would probably have my in traction at this point! Power 90 is the workout by Tony Horton that comes BEFORE P90X. I'll admit, with only 1 cardio routine and 1 sculpt routine (for one phase, a second set for another) it will get boring fast. Okay, it's already boring and I'm only on Day 10! That is okay though because in just 10 days, I already feel myself getting stronger! And this is only the first phase. Day one had me gasping for air and not being able to finish some I can almost do it all.

I took my weight, body fat % and measurements before I started. I then hid the scale in the back of the closet! I always, ALWAYS start to slack off when I see the pounds coming off. Therefore, I've vowed to only check in at the 30, 60 and 90 day marks. Just 20 days to go before I get to see my progress!

Today was not too pretty from a nutrition standpoint. I met a friend for lunch and did my best to make a healthy choice, but then completely threw in the towel when I got home and ordered take-out! Grrrr! I almost plowed through all of it before I got a hold of myself and put the rest away. It was close to being a true disaster! Now, I'm sitting waiting for the bloated belly to go down before I do my workout. Not exactly the best end to the week!

Lesson learned! :)

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