Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 16

Enter Week 3! And still going strong! I can't believe how well things are going so far. I was mostly afraid that I'd lose the food battle, but that has been the least of my worries. On Sunday, my free day, I didn't even know what I wanted to "splurge" on! It feels so great to be putting good things into my body and not be afraid to eat. I can finally trust myself...for the moment ;)

While the food thing is going very well, I'm starting to dread cardio. I knew this day would come. As a matter of fact, today is cardio...and I haven't gone yet. Normally, I'd have already been to the gym by now. Here is the problem of the moment: I'm bored on the elliptical, but it's still kicking my hiney all over the place so I don't want to abandon ship yet for another machine. What is a girl to do? I told myself I would change everything up at the 4 week point so I'm trying hard to stick to that plan...but it's hard right now. Then again, no matter what machine I'm on, I'm supposed to push myself to the limit and I'm sure that's never fun! Ew!

So, wish me luck in surviving today's cardio monster! I'll have a yoga update tomorrow...goodness gracious is that stuff tough!

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  1. Hi Nicole! Thanks for the supportive comment on my blog!! Good luck with all of your goals! YAY for yoga!! :)