Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scouring the Net

I've spent the past 2 hours reading tons of inspirational blogs and I think I finally feel a real motivation to get this moving! I thought I was ready yesterday...until the Potbelly's cookies showed up at work! There was 450 calories I hadn't planned on consuming. And I didn't stop there! After baking up a decent portion of sweet potato fries when I got home last night, I went and baked up a second batch because they were so good! That problem of "once its blown, might as well give up for the day" was in full affect!! Mmmmm...sweet....potato....fries....whoa! Sorry!

All my reading today has provided me with a ton of motivation! Seeing everyone's willpower in tough situations, not giving into chocolate and other evils, reminds me that I've been that person before too! And therefore, I've started actually mapping out a plan! Yes, I'm am always a girl with a plan. Said plan may never get executed, but I surely always have one!

I've mapped out a few circuit training routines that I can hopefully fit into a 45 min lunch break 3 times a week. Next on my agenda is to figure out a running plan. I wanted to be able to run in the Soldier Field 10 Mile again this year, but something tells me that I won't be back in that kind of shape in time :( Still my overall goal is to run 10-12 miles per week and be able to knock out 5 miles at any given time...maybe more. After having trained for 2 marathons, my will to run more than that has severely dwindled! The final piece will be cleaning up my diet and actually getting myself on the scale! Augh! I'm scared! For some reason, it's not real until you see it there staring back at you! I need to decide on my weekly weigh in day and hop on!

Wish me luck on eating a healthy dinner and I'll see you folks tomorrow!

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