Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Giving it Another Try

I started my first blog when I was training for the Chicago Marathon a couple of years ago. It helped me tremendously to record my journey and to know that people out there were holding me accountable. So, when I first started to get back on the "healthy wagon", I turned to blogging once again. At first it was great, but then I felt like everyday was repetative and even I lost interest in my blog! :) But, I'm at it again. Blog Numero Tres! I will try my best to keep this fun, interesting and hopefully somewhat educational!

Here's a little on my background. I was "chubby" all growing up. Not huge. Chubby. I want to stress though how actual weight don't matter at all if our body perception is screwed up. I have ridiculous body image issues to this day, even though I've never been really overweight. In college, I lost about 20 pounds and I actually looked pretty darn good, yet still thought I was "fat" and worked out excessively. I've seen both ends of the spectrum and I was unhappy either way.

My goals? To just get back to being a healthy person. Working out regularly. Not insanely, regularly :) Eating healthy MOST of the time. Making smart choices. Not hibernating for the winter. And in the process, I'd love to lose 10-15 pounds. Most importantly though, is just to get back to a place where I feel I am being my best. So, there! Short and sweet, in a nut shell!

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  1. You go girl!! Marathon? Wow! I am glad your goal is to be HEALTHY!