Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bakin' & Eggs

This morning I took advantage of a recent Groupon offer and headed over to Bakin' & Eggs for breakfast! Love me some breakfast!!!

A friend and I decided to walk over so I didn't have feel so guilty for indulging this morning. It was about a mile and a half round trip...I know that isn't far, but it's something!

Look at that beautiful blue Chicago sky this morning! I'm pretty sure that is was already close to 80 and it felt much warmer in the direct sunlight.

When we walked in, it was pretty packed. There were only a few open tables and we were about 3rd in line with more people already coming in behind us. It moved pretty quickly and we ended up wedged into a small table for two. We literally had to pull the table out so I could get in between the other tables to sit down. It was also VERY noisy in there, like, I couldn't even hear the waitress talking to me and had to pretty much read her lips and go on instinct!

Ambiance: B-

The waitress, while not having a loud speaking voice, was very nice and helpful. Always had a smile on her face and did not have even a hint of an attitude, which somehow has become the cool persona to have in Chicago restaurants.

Service: A

First, we ordered drinks. A regular coffee for him, a mocha for me! What? Did you really expect anything else?

This was quite possibly the best mocha I've ever had! Not too sweet, but not too bold! Of course, I forgot to shoot a picture until it was almost gone! I believe they serve Intelligentsia. Even my friend raved that his coffee was great! They also brought us 2 glasses of water and a carafe for refills...gotta love that!

Drinks: A+

Now, the food! I ordered their Banana Bread French Toast. Let me go ahead and repeat that. Banana. Bread. French. Toast. There is no way to go wrong there, folks! It was served with a side of butter, a banana rum sauce and a hazelnut spread. Oh goodness was the banana rum sauce amazing! I would buy that stuff by the jar!

The banana bread was so incredibly moist! And since there was no syrup smothering the flavor, you could really taste the banana coming through. I only ate one piece since I drank that whole mocha and about 3 glasses of water before it came. Had another slice for lunch and I'm sure the final piece will be consumed before the day is done!

My friend is much more traditional and went with the Two Eggs Your Way breakfast. It came with 2 eggs (duh!) that he had scrambled, toast, your choice of meat (he chose chicken apple sausage) and cheesy grits. I didn't photograph his whole meal since he already thought I was crazy for taking pictures of mine, but I did snap the grits since he said they were the best part!

I did manage to snag a bite and I'd have to agree that they were delicious!

Food: A

I would have to say that I would definitely make a return trip to Bakin' & Eggs. They have a sister bakery that I've been meaning to try, so now I have even more incentive! Yes, it was loud and crowded, but if you've ever been a part of the Chicago weekend brunch scene, that is pretty much the norm. The food was delish and definitely worth checking out!


  1. I Love Chicago!! My hubby and I had SO much fin when we visited there! That banana bread looks amazing!! I am banana obsessed these days!!

  2. What a cute name for a restaurant! I would have gotten the banana bread french toast too -- that has my name all over it!

  3. Oh my gosh, banana bread french toast sounds amazing! I love banana bread!

  4. UM. I need to be there like yesterday. Totally. ;-) YUMMY!!!!