Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Men vs. Women

How is everyone this lovely summer evening? I got home tonight, worked out, showered, hopped on my coach call and now I'm finally getting to the blog!

I'd like to just throw out there from the get-go that I had a teeth cleaning today and ever since, I've been randomly chomping down on that nasty toothpaste grit! It is driving me nuts!

I did actually remember to take a picture of two meals today, but to be honest with ya folks, I'm too tired to download them right now. Is that lazy or what?! Anywho, I ate pretty darn clean today! The only real thorn in my side at this point is my morning mocha. They say caffeine is the second most addictive substance and I ain't arguing with them!

I'll give you guys another dose of honesty even! I tried the Greenberry Shakelolgy for the first time this morning and it was not a pleasant experience! Yes, I am dogging out the very product I sell. My coach would kill me if she saw this. Seriously though, the green tea flavor was very strong and I am not a tea fan in the least. I put half a banana in and still could only get down a few gulps. I threw it in the fridge to be dealt with later and can happily say that tonight I tossed in the other half of the nanner and it was much better, especially being colder from the fridge. Experimentation with Greenberry "recipes" will be forthcoming ;)

My workout was great, except I'm seriously still not seeing any improvement on my pushups! I don't feel like I can do anymore today than the day I started. That's just not fair!

Today's little topic: Men vs. Women. I'm talking about weight loss here. I'd say 99% of the weight loss blogs out there are written by women and I obviously have my own weight loss experience to go by, as well. The trend I'm noticing is that men seem to drop weight at a ridiculous rate while us women struggle to eek out half a pound! I'm currently participating in a message board of people who all started Power 90 around the same time I did. We post everyday and encourage each other, it's actually really inspiring and great for holding me accountable. The group is probably about 60% men and 40% women. We are all now starting our 3rd week on the program and the guys have dropped like 4 to 5 pounds a week each! The women on the other hand have lost less than half that!

Furthermore, I have a male friend who I've seen drop weight at a rate of about 3-4 pounds per week, while I might lose nothing for a couple weeks! Anyone notice this same trend? Why do guys get to have it so easy? ;) They get faster metabolisms, easier muscle growth and now this too?...wait...I think I may have just answered the "why" right there. Dang it! So, anyway, the guys in my message board keep me inspired and at least dreaming that I might catch up!

And now, I must get off to bed. The tummy feels like it is on the verge of a growl...that can't be good.


  1. You're basically right, they have more testosterone, therefore more muscle therefore faster metabolism.

    It isn't fair!

  2. My husband can lose weight quite quickly and yes I struggle to lose 1 lb, or even .5 lb.

    I see you are a beachbody coach -- I am currently doing TurboFire (started 2 weeks ago) -- I've been writing recaps on my blog, and I'd be happy to add you to my blogroll.