Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cleanse - Day 1

So, I wasn't perfect and made some adaptations to the cleanse...but overall, I think I got the basics and that is what counts!! Here is how the day went down:

Chocolate Shake for breakfast - okay, I threw it in the blender with my iced mocha from the coffee shop :) Hey, it was absolutely delicious and I don't regret my decision!

Greenberry Shake for lunch - See, because I had the mocha I didn't have the morning snack! I threw a banana and some orange extract into the shake and that made it much better than my first attempt with that flavor.

Before my workout, I had a few sips of a smoothie I had made last night and didn't finish.

For dinner, I had Gardein chicken nuggets and some spicy sweet potato fries with some Annie's honey mustard for dipping. Yes, once again it was a little cheat. That was definitely not a salad! But, in my defense, the weather here was questionable and since I don't have a car, venturing to the grocery store was sort of out of the question. I made due with what I had.

At about 9pm, I made my last shake (Chocolate again w/ just a splash of almond extract). I managed to catch a picture of it before I downed the whole thing:

Please excuse all the crap in the background...this is the only room the bunny is allowed in so it is filled with stuff to keep her busy. Although, if you look closely at the corners of the walls, obviously not busy enough!

I can't say I noticed any changes or anything today because of the cleanse. Definitely had some quality bathroom time (TMI! Sorry!) after the second shake and I'll take that as a positive. I did feel like it was a little harder to reach the usual level of exertion and that might be due to the lower amount of calories consumed. Overall, I'd say the first day was fairly successful. I guess I could have waited until I was properly equipped with salad ingredients before starting, but ehhh...whatevs. Day 2 tomorrow. Yahoo!


  1. I would have done the same things as you -- add fruit or something to the shake to beef it up. Is the purpose of this cleanse to spend alot of time in the bathroom? Just curious. Or is it for pure weight loss? I hope tomorrow is better for you.

  2. Just discovered your blog!

    I bet that iced mocha made the chocolate shake taste great! I've tried my fair share of cleanses, so I, too, know about quality bathroom time! Ha ha.

    Good luck with Day 2!

  3. Loving your blog and woohoo chicago!! Love that city!!!!! I just moved to fort wayne, IN so about 2.5 - 3 hours away from Chicago I believe : ) my fiance is from there!

    I love Annies Honey Mustard Dressing, saw it in your pic there, it is the best!!

    What kind of cleanse are you doing? Good luck on it!