Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Weigh In

Wow...has it really been that long since my last blog? So sad!!

To bring things up to speed, I'm doing a challenge over at the Sisterhood and I'm on Team Silver! I totally bombed last week (Week 1) and GAINED a pound. Everyone else on the team lost...I think. Boo on me! BUT! This week, I've redeemed myself! I lost 2 pounds! That only makes me down one pound overall, but hell, its going in the right direction!

My "healthy friend" has turned into a bad influence lately, but is going on a trip overseas for a few weeks so I'll be left to my own devices which should only help things. Plus, I'll be dog-sitting again and if its anything like last time, I'll be constantly on the move and not able to sit around snacking my tush off. My goal between now and when he gets back is to lose 5 pounds. I can do this!

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is great news - keep going in that right direction, and help me move that way again next week!